Wheel of Life

What is The Wheel Of Life?

The Wheel of Life is a powerful tool that gives you a visual representation of the way your life is currently out of balance. It helps you to quickly and graphically identify the areas in your life which you may want to devote more energy or understand where you might want to cut back. It's not only a great tool to assess balance but can also be used for satisfaction, fulfillment and progress towards your goals.

There are many life areas to look at. Common examples are career/occupation, family/friends, relationships, community, spirituality, personal growth, self care/health, finance/money, physical environment, fun and recreation, exercise or any area that is of high importance to you. The Wheel of Life helps you get a clear picture of how you have realized yourself in these different areas of your life. Below is an example of a Wheel of Life I use with my clients.

How Do I create my Wheel of Life?

While there are many life balance wheel templates available on the internet it is easy to create your own. Simply draw a large circle on a blank sheet of paper and then divide the circle into eight equal wedges The Life Wheel should now resemble a tire with spokes. Next label each wedge of the wheel to represent a different life area. Choose eight things that best embrace your personal responsibilities, goals and values. Use areas that complete an overall vision of what you'd like to see as "balanced" in your life. Next mark each segment 0 -10. Zero in the center and ten at the outer circumference (See example above)

How Do I Get Started with my Wheel of Life?

For this exercise use 0 to represent not satisfied and 10 for the most satisfied. What you ask yourself on the wheel of life is up to you. But I suggest thinking about how much attention you are giving to that part of your life or how fulfilled you currently feel in each of these areas of your life? You can start at any section and by marking a heavy dot on the appropriate number as to how satisfied you are with that particular part of your life. Continue working around the wheel until all areas have been scored.

Try to complete the Wheel of Life recording your current level of satisfaction based on instinct and initial thought without analyzing the answers too much. Keep in mind your goal will be to create a wheel that is in balance with your personal vision. It doesn't mean you need to get the same score in each category. Once you've marked your level of satisfaction draw a line across each wedge axis. (See example below)

How do I use the information on my Wheel of Life?

Take time to reflect on the results of your Wheel of Life. What do you notice? How balanced is your life right now with what you would like it to be? What daily adjustment(s) can you make in order to achieve the realignment you seek and what are the changes that need to be made to bring you into balance?

Don't stop here now that you have created a visual awareness of your current reality it's time to set up goals and objectives which will help you restore your life balance. A Life Coach is a perfect person to help you work through your current situation and gain clarity on what you can do to make changes towards reaching your vision of balance and happiness.

Life Coaching focuses on finding and maintaining the proper balances in all areas of a person's life, work, home, family, financial, personal, leisure, social and spiritual. Certain areas of one's life usually require more focus than others, however, all areas are interconnected and positive changes in one usually impact others as well.
Wouldn't it be nice to take control over how you are being impacted?

Are You Ready for Change?

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