Why choose Marcy?

Integrity. Marcy is highly respected among the community for her positive attitude, kindness and unconditional support. Hearing her personal story, along with professional life coach training, client successes, time mentoring, hours educating herself and the constant interaction with the mental health community and you'll understand how her life perspective has transitioned over time. Today Marcy navigates her place in this process by comfortably stepping into the role as life coach, mentor and friend.

25+ years on the job experience. By staying true to her values, trusting her instinct and following her goals Marcy successfully accomplished a 25+ year career in Marketing, Sales Management, Customer Service and Advocacy. Choosing this path gave her many opportunities to associate with a variety of people throughout diversified industries in return paved the way for her to transition into mentoring and now a Life Coaching profession. It also gave her first hand experience dealing with on the job bias and prejudice around bipolar depression and mental illness.

Passion and Support. Marcy coaches because she loves to engage people in compelling conversations that inspire them to live more fulfilled and happier lives. She knows with the right support anyone can get very clear on what they want most, they can create plans that utilize their individual strengths and most importantly take the necessary actions to achieve their most meaningful outcomes.

Understanding and Awareness. While working with her clients Marcy began to noticed a huge gap in communication between people who are diagnosed with Bipolar and the people who care for them. To help eliminate this breakdown Marcy founded Bipolar-United-Worldwide a unique interactive support system that encourages open, honest and educational conversations between people from all perspectives of the illness. Marcy believes when information is shared we can eliminate misconceptions and reduce stigmas. Ask Marcy how you can personally benefit from this group.

Track record. Marcy has a long track record of successfully helping people discover what they are truly passionate about and has empowered many people to make changes. She is known worldwide for her diverse understanding of  Bipolar Disorder and how to positively incorporate living with the illness into a fulfilling life. Marcy's experience and commitment towards making a difference is evident in her many testimonials.

Professionally Trained and Educated. Marcy obtained her professional life coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. iPEC is among an elite group of institutions accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Marcy also trained at iPEC to become a Life & Leadership Practitioner.  She continues  to further her education by staying an active member of the International Coach Federation, National Association of Mental Illness, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, International Coach Federation New England, and the iPEC Community of Coaches. Marcy is listed among the SelfGrowth Experts and in the 2010-2011 Cambridge Who's Who. At the University of Massachusetts Marcy's core studies were in art and sociology.

Satisfaction Guarantee. Marcy believes you should get great value out of every single coaching call. She doesn't require long term contracts if you don't see significant benefits from each session you can quit at any time no questions asked. With Marcy there is no hype or big sales pitches, She knows good coaching sells itself and she always stands behind her work.

Are YOU Ready for Change?

Marcy invites you to connect with her. She would love to talk with you, hear what you want to achieve, give you a feel for how life coaching really works, answer any questions you might have, and most importantly make sure she is the right coach for You. Connect with Marcy through Email Marcy@MarcyRubin.com, fill out her quick Contact Form, or leave Marcy a private message at 617-347-8894 and she will personally return your call.
Marcy Rubin is a Graduate of the Institue for Professional Excellence In CoachingMarcy Rubin is Listed in the 2010 - 2011 Cambridge Whos Who Marcy Rubin is a member of the International Coach Federation and adheres to the industry standards Marcy Rubin is recommended by My Coach Match for her Exceptional Bipolar Life Coaching ServicesMarcy Rubin is listed among SelfGrowth Experts for her Bipolar Life Coaching Services