Client, Peer and Mentor Praises
What are people saying about Marcy Rubin?
"Marcy makes me feel so comfortable that I can totally be myself. I feel safe sharing my innermost thoughts with her, It's wonderful having such a caring, supportive sounding boards. She has helped me to move from "talking" about what I'm going to do, to actually taking actions to accomplish my goal.

Pam Alexander, President Placer's Gold Toastmasters

" Marcy is a seemingly tireless worker for understanding and support of people with bipolar or similar diagnosis. I would recommend her services to anyone."

Moss Bliss, Organizer at CRMH Grassroots /
Alternative Therapies

"Marcy is personable and trustworthy. I've known Marcy for several years and it is a joy to be around her. She is a professional at Life Coaching. She listens to what you have to say and works with you towards accomplishing your goals. I would HIGHLY recommend Marcy.

Myriam Siraco, Realtor Century 21 Commonwealth

" To accommodate her clients Marcy has developed programs and training paradigms specifically suited to the needs of bipolar clients, Her inventiveness in providing coaching to this community is certainly noteworthy and should be considered if you have friends living with this difficultly.
Ted Nation, CA

"Marcy is a leader in her field of peer recovery and reintegration programs for those with mental health challenges. She has found her strengths and uses them to help others who are struggling daily to live a life of meaning and purpose. Marcy has the ability to be "genuine," open and honest while allowing the other person room to grow at their own speed. I recommend and commend her for her caring leadership. She has won my honor and respect."

"Marcy's empathy inspiration and commitment to her clients are rare to find in any field but absolutely invaluable in life coaching"

David Philips, Chief Legal Strategist, Active Sports & Entertainment

"She inspires me every day to be a better coach and a better person"
P Hansen. ME

" I am very happy to recommend Marcy. She provides consistently valuable career coaching services. She combines expert knowledge of professional resources with effective encouragement and personalized strategies to create a package that absolutely works."

S Heller, CO

"Marcy is an insightful and thoughtful coach. She understands life's challenges and helps others to face their fears and live their lives with courage and clarity.

Marcia Bloomberg, CEO The Bloomberg Group & Founder of Non Profit-Direct

"I have worked with Marcy for more than 3 months, hiring her as a business coach. In that time, Marcy has demonstrated a strong commitment to assisting me grow my business. She has helped me clarify what is driving me and she has gotten me to become more motivated. Marcy is a competent business coach, I strongly recommend her services."

David Poles,Owner Newton Counseling Center

"Marcy is very detail oriented and highly organized individual who shows a lot of compassion and empathy for her clients who are dealing with significant challenges in their lives. She boosts your self confidence and motivates you to take action to achieve your personal goals and satisfy your dreams"

Alan Hamwey, President Hamwey Associates

" another professional who masterfully and sensitively combines empathy with lived experience to enhance the wellness and hope of everyone."

Shannon Flynn Lewis, Consumer Outreach Coordinator NIMH / Author

"It is rare to encounter someone who is as passionate about helping people with bipolar disorder as I am. Marcy's approach is positive and is paving new ground in the area of bipolar life coaching. I highly recommend you work with Marcy if you have the opportunity.

David Mariant, CEO Mariant Enterprises, Inc

"Your Professionalism care knowledge understanding have gone places in my mind where no other has ever been able to. You enabled my mind to understand & comprehend my symptoms of Bi Polar and for me now to realize my innermost expectations and live them out"
P. Davidson

"Marcy is sensitive and truly amazing life coach"

M Castello

" Marcy has a passion for sharing her techniques for living with Bipolar Disorder. She cheer-leads her clients into success because their success is her success. For people wanting to get a grip on this difficult disorder and really help them self, Marcy gives you the tools."

Judith Carrington, President of Mental Health Resources

"Marcy is extremely committed to and passionate about her work. These traits allow her to uncover the great potential in others."

Bill Sex, President & CEO New England Coaching

"Marcy has chosen a very special niche and is on a very challenging mission and that is to provide coaching services to the bipolar community. Her intimate understanding of what it means to be bipolar and her unique talent as a coach make her extremely well suited for this mission. Marcy has excellent coaching skills and the heart and soul of a great coach."

Bonnie Marcus
, Show Host at Head Over Heels Women's Business Radio

"Marcy is one of 30 women in my new book, Single. Women, Entrepreneurs. I love how Marcy took her own challenges and turned them into an entrepreneurial endeavor and to help others! So excited she was part of this book project, and can't wait for others to read about her story !!"

Erin Albert, Founder Yuspie / Author

"Marcy has just the right combination of empathy, wisdom, and realism to enable her clients to succeed, Anyone who has an opportunity to work with her is both lucky and skilled at choosing a coach!"
G Hoverman, MA

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