Become A Life Coach
Marcy Rubin is a Proud Graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and she Highly Recommends iPEC to anyone looking to Explore Coach Training. If you were able to discover and tap into your unique passion, vision, gifts, and abilities and then confidently share them with everyone with whom you come into contact, what would your life look like? If you're seriously considering a career in life coaching or even just want to learn to the master the skills coaches use Coach Marcy suggests contacting iPEC  and  speaking directly with an Admissions/Career Coach. Make sure to tell them Marcy Rubin recommended you.

Not sure if becoming a life coach is right for you?
You can start with iPEC's 3 day Life & Leadership Training. This program specifically designed to help you transform your own life, and in doing so, positively affect the lives of everyone around you. In this training, you will learn powerful life and professional skills, tools, success theories, and everything you'll need to begin to live to your potential, now.

There are several specific things that hold you back from creating your life the way you want it. While those things are unique to each individual, where they stem from is the exact same place. LLPT teac
hes you where these limitations come from, how to burst through them, and how to replace them with new beliefs, values, and perceptions that fuel you forward. Then you’ll get the skills, tools and processes to maintain the momentum and build upon your success.

  Included in the training:    

  • Participation in the 3-day weekend, Life & Leadership Potentials Training
  • Your own personal self-study program to help you set your intentions for what you want from the course
  • A free, lifetime membership in the iPEC Coach Community: an on line community and live regional events, free workshops, trainings, and more
  • Free, lifetime retake privileges. You can retake the Life & Leadership Potentials Training as often as you’d like.  iPEC is committed to helping you create lifelong results and success.

Go to for more information and make sure to register for their free, live weekly telephone information session where you can speak with graduates and directors about how Life & Leadership Potentials Training will change your life.
Professional Life Coach Marcy Rubin is Certifed through iPEC

Are YOU Ready to Start Making A Difference?

Partner with Coach Marcy and you're sure to reach your goals. Marcy trained at the Institute For Professional Excellence in Coaching and she would love to talk with you, hear what you want to achieve, and answer any questions you might have. Marcy invites you to connect. Email, quick Contact Form, or leave a private phone message at 617-347-8894 and Marcy will personally return your call.