Resources for Bipolar Disorder & Other Mental Health Conditions

911 in-crisis support or 800-273-TALK (8255)
Mental Health Information & Resources 877-726-4727

National Resources

American Psychiatric Association:

American Psychological Association:

American Residential Treatment Association

Journal of Participatory Medicine

Mayo Clinic

Mental Health America

Mental Health America USA State List

Mental Health Net - Personality Disorders

Mood & Anxiety Disorder Institute: MADI

National Alliance on Mental Illness: NAMI

National Council for
Community Mental Health Care

National Association for Rights Protection & Advocacy NARPA

NAMI USA State List

National Institute of Mental Health: NIMH

National Network of Adult & Adolescent Children who have a Mentally Ill Parent


Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services: SAMHSA

World Federal for Mental Health

National Association for the Dually Diagnosed

Consumer Services

Consumer Checkbook: license & disciplinary actions by state; physician's profile

Families USA

Healthy Place

Temple University Collaborative

Clinical Trials

CenterWatch: Global source for clinical trials

Clinical Connection: Trails & Research

Clinical Find a Trial near you

NARSAD: Brain & Behavior Research Fun

Anxiety Disorders


The Panic Center

Panic Disorder Line: 800-64PANIC (800-647-2642)

Anxiety Disorder Line: 800-8ANXIETY (800-826-9438)

Border-Line Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

BPD Central

BPD Recovery

BPD Sanctuary (great resource)

BPD World

Bipolar Disorder / Depression
Bipolar 4 All

Bipolar Safety Plan: Worksheet

Books on Bipolar Disorder

Charles E Kubly Foundation: Depression

Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance: DBSA

Depression Fallout: help for the Friends & Families of people with Bipolar & Depression

Depression Screening: MHA

Facing Bipolar

Family Center for Bipolar Disorder

Famous People with Bipolar Disorder

Geriatric Metal Health Foundation: GMHF


Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation

McMan's Depression & Bipolar Web

National Bipolar Foundation

Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders



RealAge: Basics of Depression

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder
: Guide for Patients and Families

Treatment Contracts


International Early Psychosis Association: IEPA

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder Association: SADA

SAD Overview: Mayo Clinic


Crystal Palace

Overview: Signs, risk factors & treatment

Self Abuse Finally Ends: S.A.F.E. Alternatives:

Self-Injury: How do I stop

Self-Injury Support

Schizo-Affective & Schizophrenia

National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression: NARSAD

Schizophrenia Digest Magazine

Successful Schizophrenia

Sleep Disorders

Alphabetical List: Sleep Disorders info


National Sleep Foundation

Sleep Disorders Guide

Sleep Well

Caregivers / Families

AbleChild Parents for label & drug free education

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychology

Book Listing for Children

Children's Defense Fund

Caring for Every Child's Mental Health: SAMHSA

Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation: CABF

Children's Emotional Health Link: CEHL

Court Apptd Special Advocates for Children

Fight for Kids

Focus Adolescent Services: Personality Disorders

Kids Peace.Org

Mood Charts for Kids

Relaxation Techniques: Scripted for Children

Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation

Spark Action: For Children & Youth for Change


Adolescent Mood Disorders

CopeCareDeal: Site for Teens

Friendship Counts: Support for Teens

Guide for Parents & Guardians: Considering a Private Residential Program for Troubled Teens

Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation

: for Parents, Kids & Teens

MPower: Community of people with mental health disabilities

Mass General Hospital: School Psychiatry Program

National Runaway Switchboard: 800-RUNAWAY ~ 800-786-2929

More than Sad: Depression Education

Reach Out: Help for ages 16-24 year old's

Second Wind Fund: Teen Suicide Prevention

Teen Central

Teen Screen: National Center for Mental Health Checkups

College Age

Active Minds: Student Voices

American Association on Health & Disability
: AAHD Scholarship Program

Association on Higher Education & Disability: AHEAD

Bazelon Center: Campus Mental Health, Know your rights.

Campus Health and Safety

Center for Psychiatric Disability in Work & School

Center for Psychiatric rehabilitation: Higher education support toolkit

CollegeBoard: Scholarship Search

College Funding for Students with Disabilities

Half of Us

Healthy Minds: College Students

MPower: Community of people with mental health disabilities

Peer to Peer Resource Center: DBSA

Planning for Life After High School

Reach Out: Help for ages 16-24 year old's

Screening for Mental Health:College Response

Strength of Us: Young Adults 18-25

The Jed Foundation: For College Students

ULifeline: Resource for College Mental Health

LGBT Suicide Prevention hot line: 800-850-8078

Life Coaching Resources

Benefits of Working with A Professional Life Coach

Information to Become a Life Coach

International Coach Federation; ICF

International Association of Coaching

Make-Life-Rewarding Coaching Services

Marcy Rubin CPC
Certified Professional Life Coach

Services Worldwide for the Bipolar Community

YouTube Videos

Meditation Videos

Mindfulness Videos

Alternatives for Mental Health

Alternative Doctor, LLC

Alternative Medicine Foundation

American Holistic Medical Association: AHMA

Anti-psychiatry Coalition

Beyond Meds: Gianna Kali's Award Winning Blog

BioMed Central: Complimentary & Alternative medicine

Drug Facts By Dr Breggin ~ anti drug campaign

Food for the

Herbal Supplements Guide

Holistic Health Plus

Holistic Online: Alternative Therapies

Med Free of Working On It: Group of like minded people

Mind Freedom

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Natural Solutions Magazine

Progressive Psychiatry & Integration

Safe Harbor: International Guide to the World of Alternative Mental Health

True Hope

The Vitamins & Nutrition Center

Wrong Diagnosis: Alternative treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Recovery Information

12 Step Radio: Recovery Music

Compeer: Recovery through healing power of friendship

Copeland Center for Wellness & Recovery

International Network Towards Alternatives & Recovery: INTAR

National Empowerment Center

Recovery Innovations

Recovery International: Abraham Low Self-Help Systems



Are YOU Ready for Change?
Work with Professional Life Coach
Marcy Rubin

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Daniela White, MD - Located in TX

Linder Psychiatric Group - Located in CA


24 Hour Addictions Site & Help Line

Medication Information

Work, Employer & Employee
Legal & Law

American Bar Association: ABA

Bazelon Center: For Mental Health Law

Center for Public Representation: Law Firm Medical Record Privacy


Mental Health Courts: Bureau of Justice Assistance

Psychiatric Rights

Military and PTSD


In Our Own Voice: African American Stories

Minority Health: US Department of Health & Human Services

Multicultural Action Center: NAMI

Religion and Spirituality

Catholics with Bipolar - yahoo support group

Faith In Recovery

Feeling Like This: Christian Support

Faithnet: NAMI

Jewish Association for the Mentally Ill: JAMI

Mental Illness Ministries: How Congregations Can Respond

Mind and Soul: Exploring Christianity and Mental Health

Pathways to Promise: Ministry & Mental Illness

Suicide Help and Awareness

Disability Rights International

National Council on Disability

Miscellaneous Resources

Dictionary: Diagnosis Psychology Today

Health Recovery & Empowerment

DSM-5 Development

Family & Marriage Counseling Directory

HealthLine: Recommended by Marty

History of Psychology: From 387 BC to Present

Hospital Compare: Provided by Medicare

HOTLINES: Miscellaneous Health Hotlines

Internet Mental Health

Intervention 911 866-888-

Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers Association


Psychiatry 24/7

MGH Center for Women's Mental Health

Mental Health Services Locator By state

No Longer Lonely: Free Dating Site

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Mad In America: Robert Whitaker's Official Site

Steven Fry: Official Site

STAR Center

Survivors Art Foundation Healing through the arts

The Van Gogh Complex -Bipolar Artists Colony

Low Income Assistance Programs

Charity Cars: Provides for struggling Families

Free Wireless: government program free cell phones and service

Universal Service Administrative Company: USAC Telephone Assistance Program


American Art Therapy Association

American Music Therapy Association

Association for Play Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: DBT

Family Therapy

Good Therapy Worldwide

Interpersonal & Social Rhythm Therapy

Light Therapy: Mayo Clinic Overview

Milieu Therapy

National Association of Cognitive behavioral Therapy

Occupational Therapy: for Bipolar Disorder

Psychotherapy Overview

Psychodynamic Therapy

Therapy Metaphors:

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


Books Resource List:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: CBT

Dialectal Behavior Therapy: DBT

Hand Actuated Mental Reconditioning

Mental Health Shop: Books, fact sheets & Educational Resources

My Therapy

Post Secret

Quate: Online Emotions Manager

Self-Help Tests

Small Steps

Unhelpful Thinking Habits:

Wildmind Buddhist meditation

Mood Charts / Health Trackers

Facing Us: Wellness Tracker

FitClick: Diet & Exercise Tracker

Mood Charts: Samples

Mood Charting: Tips & Blank Chart

Moody Minds:  Wellness Tracker

Patients Like Me Charting & Support Community

Coping Skills & Techniques

Coping Skills: Overview

Assertiveness: PDF

Automatic thoughts: PDF

Calming technique: PDF

Color For Mental Health: PDF

Emotional Freedom Techniques: Overview

Fun and Achievement: PDF

Fun Activities Catalog


Relaxation Scripts
: Variety of Styles

Self-esteem: PDF

Using Music Therapeutically: PDF

Volunteer Match

Israeli Mental Health Association: ANOSH

Israeli Psychiatric Association

MindFreedom International

Philippine Mental Health Association


Richmond Fellowship Hong Kong

South African Bipolar Site

South African Federation For Mental Health

SEVAC: Mental Health India

Swedish Association for Mental Health

World Health Organization

Yoga Finder

PARENTS HELP LINE: 0808 802 5544

SUICIDE HOT LINE: 08457 90 90 90

The Carter Center for Mental Health


Anxiety Disorder Association of Canada

Canada Mental Health Association

Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatment: CANMAT

Canada RX: Mail order Pharmacy

Doctors Direct Rx: Discount Medications

Knowledge Network

Krasman Centre

Mood Disorder Society of Canada

New Path Addictions Counseling

Ontario Peer Development Initiative

Oxford Self Help


Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto

Schizophrenia Society of Canada

Vancouver / Richmond Early Psychosis Intervention

New Zealand

Bipolar Foundation

Bipolar Support Canterbury

Choice for Wellness

Junk 2 Funk
: T Shirts to Raise Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Commission of New Zealand

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

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