Marcy Rubin
Professional Life Coach

Marcy Rubin is dedicated to providing a safe, confidential and supportive place to address the unique issues associated with Bipolar Disorder.

She is committed to the coaching process of encouraging people to sets goals, embrace new opportunities and create strategies to achieve a life filled with happiness, balance and value in living.
Marcy Rubin knows receiving a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder becomes a life altering event. Having to face the challenges, overwhelm, anger, helplessness, frustration, stigma and denial evolves into a personal journey unlike any other. And although bipolar disorder can affect the people around you it's easier to meet these challenges with support from a Professional Life Coach who first hand understand yours needs and wishes.

  • Are you ready to turn darkness & doubt into the life your want?
  • Do you want to live a life you're proud of?
  • Are you ready to transform your goals into reality?
  • Are you trying to reduce turmoil in your relationships?
  • Is your illness interfering with your quality of life?
  • Do you want to make your daily life more enjoyable?
  • Are your limiting beliefs getting in the way of your success?
  • Do you let the stigma of Bipolar Disorder hold your back?
  • Would increasing your confidence help you overcome roadblocks?

Bipolar Life Coach Marcy Rubin works with clients all over the world making it possible for everyone in the Bipolar Community to have the opportunity to get a professional life coaching experience. As a Certified Life Coach Marcy is trained to unleash your passions, inspire, motivate and help you stay focused with any situation your choose to address.

Are YOU Ready for Change?

Marcy invites you to connect with her. She would love to talk with you, hear what you want to achieve and give you a feel for how life coaching really works. What are you waiting for? Contact Marcy and get started !